Our charity exists to give career- training scholarships to underprivileged Christian adults ages 18-25. They obtain a marketable skill in 2 years or less and break the poverty/welfare cycle. We give up to $5000 per year for a two-year college program. We do several scholarships a year and especially help single parents.
Christ is the Way, the Truth , and the Life.;
John 14:6. 

WOTB: leading the way to your  future success......with scholarships in Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
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By your perseverance you will secure your lives:
                                   Luke 21-19
Do you need a good paying job?
Do you want to secure your future?
Are you willing to  
study hard?
Do you want to graduate with less or no debt?

 Email us at wayofthebeacon@yahoo.com
 or call 386-490-5766 ask for Mrs. Scholl
Thousands of dollars awarded so far!!
It feels so good to help!!!!
Announcing our St. Joseph the Worker Scholarship exclusively for young Christian men seeking training in the trades.